Himal-us Vol. 10 No. 1 (June 2018)

ISSN: 2815-228X (Online) | ISSN: 201122659 (Print)

Frequency: Annual (Every June)

Access: Open Access


  1. Economic Efficiency Of Organic Milkfish Aquaculture At Guimaras Island

  2. Partners Relationship: Signal On Violence Against Women

  3. Growth And Yield Performance Of Potted Bell Pepper Applied With Biochar

  4. Insecticidal Efficacy Of Smoke Vinegar Against Rice Bugs

  5. Stakeholders Level of Awareness And Acceptance of The Vision Mission Goals and Objectives

  6. The Our Lady Of The Philippines Trappist Abbey

  7. Employers Feedback On Job Performances Of The Bachelor Of Science In Hotel And Restaurant Management Graduates

  8. Guimaras State College Employees Body Mass Index Status Basis For The Development Of Employees Wellness Program

  9. Factors Affecting Public Secondary School Leavers Basis For The College Of Teacher Education Extension Program

  10. Coping Mechanism Of Guimaras State College Personnel Towards Stress