Himal-us Vol. 7 No. 1 (June 2015)

ISSN: 2815-228X (Online) | ISSN: 201122659 (Print)

Frequency: Annual (Every June)

Access: Open Access


  1. Awareness On Gender And Development (GAD) Program Among Guimaras State College Personnel: Basis For Gender Mainstreaming

  2. Awareness, Understanding, And Acceptance Of Guimaras State College Stakeholders Towards Its Vision, Mission, Goals And Objectives

  3. Stakeholders’ Awareness And Acceptance Of The Vison, Mission, Goals And Program Objectives Of Guimaras State College –Bachelor Of Industrial Technology

  4. ICT Competencies Of Guimaras State College Faculty: Basis For In-Service Training

  5. Employment Status Of The Bachelor Of Secondary Education Graduates Of Guimaras State College-Salvador Campus

  6. The Taxonomy Of The Four Terminal Examinations Of Guimaras State College: Basis For Policy Formulation

  7. Problems Met By Scholars: Basis For Policy Development

  8. Employment Status Of The Bachelor Of Elementary Education Graduates Of GSC-Salvador Campus

  9. Employment Status Of The Bachelor Of Science In Industrial Technology (BSIT) Graduates Of Guimaras State College-Salvador Campus

  10. Guimaras State College Quality Assurance Status: An Evaluation For Performance Improvement

  11. Quality Evaluation Of Coconut (Buko) Pancit Fortified With Shredded Shells

  12. The Macrame Bag

  13. Gender Mainstreaming Among Local Government Units (LGUs) In Guimaras

  14. Level Of Awareness Of Lupong Tagapayapa In The Implementation Of Barangay Justice System

  15. Cases Of Violation Of Republic Act No. 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act Of 2002) In The Province Of Guimaras

  16. Teaching Performance Of Guimaras State College Education Graduates: A Tracer Study

  17. Self-Esteem And College Adjustment Of First Year College Students Of Guimaras State College

  18. Grammar Errors And Issues Of The Student Teachers Of Guimaras State College: Bases For Instructional Enhancement