Employment Status of BS Graduates of Guimaras State College


  • Lilian Diana Parreño Author
  • Domingo G. Umani, Jr. Author


This study is focused on the employment status of the
BS graduates of Guimaras State College from SY 1999 to
2002-2003. A descriptive survey design was used. Total
enumeration was used in the conduct of the study. The
statistical tools used were descriptive statistics such as mean,
frequency and percentages.

The findings of the study revealed that out of 276
respondents, 144 were employed (52.15%) and 132 were
unemployed (47.83%). The graduates with highest
employment rate were BEED and BSIE on a per course basis.
The bulk of the tenurial status of the graduates was casual
(43.06%) and the lowest was that of the regular status
(27.08%). The results of the study further showed that 48.12%
of the graduates were working in private institutions. The salary
bracket of most of the respondents ranges from P1, 000.00 to